Appartements at the Urlpoldhof

The spacious apartments are perfect for families.
They offer plenty of space and have a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains of the holiday region Schladming-Dachstein.

Appartement D / approx. 62m²

Attic - 2nd floor

Bedroom with double bed and jokaliege.

Living-sleeping-kitchen with:
Double bed, dining area, tv
Hob with 2 hotplates, sink, refrigerator,
Coffee maker, microwave

Apartment E / approx. 67m²

Ground floor with wheelchair access, separate entrance (via balcony)

Bedroom with double bed and bunk bed
Double bed, TV, large dining table,
Electric hob with oven, microwave,
Coffee maker, dishwasher, refrigerator

Apartment F / approx. 40m²

Family room - 1st floor

Bedroom with double bed
Small kitchen with:
dining area, refrigerator, microwave,
Coffee machine, television,
Children's room with bunk bed

Apartment S / approx. 62m²

"Sonnenschein" - 2nd floor

Bedroom with double bed and bunk bed

Living-sleeping-kitchen with:
Large dining table, electric stove with oven, microwave,
Coffee machine, dishwasher, refrigerator,
Television, double bed

Apartment Z / ca. 60m²

2 Bedrooms:
1 x Triplebedroom with bath and toilett
1 x Doublebedroom with bath and toilett

large dining table, electric stove with oven, microwave,
Dishwasher, coffee maker and refrigerator

3 x TVs, balconies

Double Bedroom and Trible Bedroom

You are also welcome to spend your vacation in one of our rooms.

Cozy rooms

1 x double or triple room with bath / toilet
as well as with TV and balcony

Children, watch out!
At the Urlpoldhof there is much to see...

There is always something going on at the Urlpoldhof!
Children have so many things to experience for an adventurous day. These days, with many animals to see, will be an unforgettable holiday for the children.
We guarantee  you will not be bored.